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Virtual Dynamics High End Audio Power Series
The Proof is in the Pudding (so to speak). 
For the unbeliever, the skeptic, the critic; for those getting their feet wet in hi-end audio and for anyone wondering what all the buzz is about.  As an official introduction to Virtual Dynamics technologies we present the Power Series.  Astounding performance is found in these three cables that can be squeezed into the tightest of audiophile budgets.  Our Auditory Bliss Guarantee, Lifetime Warranty and Trade-Up Program remove any reason to not give one a try. 
Although only a taste of what's possible, they should not be under-estimated.  Insert one of these into your system today and you'll be reminded once again of why you became so enamored with music.
Virtual Dynamics Anti-Vibration Basic Power Cable
Virtual Dynamics Anti-Distortion Power Three Cable
Virtual Dynamics Speed of Light Power One Cable

Virtual Dynamics High End Audio Basic Power Cable Virtual Dynamics High End Audio Cable Power Three Virtual Dynamics High End Audio Cable Power One
  • 12 Gauge Solid-core copper conductor.  Hot, Neutral, and Ground conductors are seperated for maximum shielding and vibration control.
6 ft. length 
6 ft. length 
$30.50/additional foot 
6 ft. length
$61.00/additional foot
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Made in Canada